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Traditionally, wooden windows have adorned homes for generations. However, with the changing times, the world has progressed to better materials such as aluminium.
In addition to depletion of trees, wood also has a set of limitations.
Eternia Aluminium Windows, with its engineering superiority and Italian design, ensures that you can enjoy the feel of wooden windows with the Eternia wood finish range of windows.

Feature Eternia  Aluminium Windows Wooden Windows

Choice of colours and aesthetics

Can be made available in unlimited colours and finishes. Smooth surface finish also ensures longevity of colours.

Available in original wood finish or can be painted in standard colours such as white, black etc.
Painting wooden windows is a tedious process which needs to be repeated frequently.


Very easy to maintain, can be at done at home.

Wooden windows need regular painting and polishing. They also rot over-time and are prone to termites etc., needing replacement.

Durability under Extreme Weather

No effect of UV radiation.
Enables longer product life.

Wooden windows and wooden doors start fading very soon; require constant re-polishing.

Monsoon Resistance

In-built gutter section for drainage of water, making it watertight.

Wooden windows tend to rot and expand during monsoons. Lack of adequate technology leads to water seepage.

Resistance to Wind

Designed to withstand extreme wind pressure. Ideal for high-rise buildings and large windows (French windows)

Wooden windows and doors tend to rattle in face of strong winds leading to whistling sounds.

Effect of expansion / contraction

Expansion gap is not required. No effect on Door and window.

Wooden windows tend to rot or expand during monsoons. This makes it difficult to operate.

Environment-friendly material

Endlessly recyclable

Wooden windows and doors use Tropical Hardwoods which are Ecologically Unsound.

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Traditionally, wooden windows have adorned homes for generations. However...

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