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With inherent strength, durability, thermal standards and longevity, aluminium is preferred facade/fenestration solutions with very low maintenance and excellent environmental values. Whilst often seen in commercial properties, aluminium can provide an elegant and sleek finish to many modern homes.

It is extraordinarily durable and can be twisted or designed into infinite architectural designs. Aluminium is widely used in fenestration and why not, the characteristics makes it best for it like:
DENSITY: The density of Aluminium is only 2.6 to 2.8 g/cm³. This is only approx. 1/3rd of the density of steel. Despite its low weight Aluminium is very strong than steel.
MOISTURE PROOF: Even under extremely long-term storage conditions, it is impossible for moisture to penetrate the material. So it is possible to fabricate an aluminium case so that they are moisture tight.
NO FERROMAGNETISM: Aluminium is free of ferromagnetism. This material characteristic can be of great significance for certain application areas.
DURABLE IN EXTREME CONDITIONS: The characteristics of the Aluminium remain same even in a temperature range of -238°F to + 302°F (-150 to +150 °C).
HIGHLY RECYCLABLE: Aluminium is one of the most highly recycled materials, and can be recycled over and over again.
SELF SURFACE PROTECTION: On contact with oxygen the surface develops an oxide layer which reforms immediately if damage occurs.
NO EFFECT OF UV-RADIATION: No effect of UV-radiations even in long period exposure.
HYGIENE: The smooth non porous surface is easy to clean and emission-free. Aluminium is outstandingly well suited for areas with demanding specifications in relation to hygiene. These properties make aluminium easy to decontaminate.

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